With a long weekend before us, we wanted to feel like we were on a real holiday but with two busy schedules we failed to make the travel reservations.  So instead we played tourists in Nashville, our current city.
We weren't sure what we were going to do other than first enjoy a great breakfast.  As we strolled the downtown, my husband rented us bikes and off we went!  Bikes are available for rent throughout the city, so if you want to ditch it for a bit, you can return it and continue walking.  It's really no commitment,  just 5 bucks for a day. I'm not going to lie, it was a little rough biking up the hill on the Shelby Street bridge, but I did it!  Other than that, Nashville is no San Francisco, no crazy hills here.
The Shelby Street Bridge offers a great view of the city, and once you've crossed over the Cumberland River, you can check out another perspective from the water at Cumberland Park.  This is a great park just to chill out and take it all in, and once the summer hits it's also a great place for families due to their many child-friendly amenities.  NPR did a great story in 2012 when the park opened, detailing what it offers to Nashville residents.
 I really like how bike-able and walk-able Nashville is, you can hit many places in one day.  And if you get tired and thirsty they have those Pedal Taverns as seen here.
So there you have it, we visited all these places before lunchtime.  Can you believe it?  For Happy Hour, I recommend hitting some of the great eateries and pubs in The Gulch.  
Have you gone a bike ride lately?