Frye Heath Boots, Sharkbite Tunic sweater, Hat from mark. similar here, Cabi Black leggings similar here
We began our 10th month in Nashville by visiting the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum.  As you can see, it was the most beautiful fall day.  Not too cold, and although there was the potential for rain,  the sunny rays were still coming through.  Cheekwood was the family home the Cheek family who
are behind the Maxwell Coffee brand among other things (for more history click here).  The Cheeks wanted a country house reminiscent of 18th century English homes and I bet they were not dissappointed because this place is gorgeous.
 I didn't get a good picture of the house and photography is not allowed inside the home so if you are ever in Nashville, you will have to make your way over here.   Trust me it's worth it.  
B and I came here to check out the Dia de los Muertos Event which was pretty awesome but the beautiful grounds just blew us away.

I really like this picture.  I don't know what it is about it, but I find it kind of spooky.  
What do you think?