we rode our bikes to the park by the Dow Diamond which was filled with inspiring quotes and science!
My vacation in Midland, Michigan is coming to a close and hands down my favorite place to eat is Ca Fe Zn  or for you non-chemists Cafe Zinc.  As you may know, I am married to a chemist so it was pretty cool to visit a town that has such a deep love for chemistry.  Dow Chemicals is based out of here and it is a coinkydink for us because we came up here to spend time with my dear friend Janet.  This cafe's decor is GORGEOUS and the H Hotel next door is also beautiful and let's not forget the Oxygen bar next door...just divine.
Coriander Crusted Tuna with Edamame Salad

This was my lunch and WOW it was not only beautiful to look at but just de-li-ci-o-so!!
Crème Brûlée is my absolute favorite dessert, and hey I was on vacay so I had to enjoy!
I'm going there for lunch again today so I hope to snap more pics of the decor.  I'm usually not shy about taking pics, but I felt a little shy this time around.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with great friends and great food!