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From our Casita to yours!

Well in case you've been wondering where we've been, we are happy to report that we our now homeowners!  Meet our sweet new little Casita that we picked up last Friday in Rice, Texas.  B and I are so happy and ready to go off the grid (with iphones, ipads in tow haha!)
It was a bit of an odyssey to get this little guy which by the way is the 13 foot Patriot, the smallest  kind available.  But somehow we did it and are so thrilled to continue our adventures.  It is the perfect size for our small family.  We can't wait to take Norman and Newman camping.
After we picked up our Casita, we headed down to Austin to check out Austin City Limits ( that was another odyssey which I'll share in the next post).  Nevertheless, the weekend was spent camping or more like "glamping" since our Casita comes with a small cable ready TV which we plugged in and enjoyed!  Believe it or not our small home also has a bathroom and shower! Yup it does...  Once we get it decorated a bit more I'll invite you inside for a cup of tea in our new Casita.
Since we currently live in the land of 2 Summers, we haven't experienced much of fall.  So we were incredibly fortunate to spend these last days by Lake Austin.  And might I add, it is also nice to know that our Casita can always offer us "beachfront views!!!"
 I can't wait to get back on the road and continue our travel adventures. To keep up with our travels, don't forget you can also find us on Instagram under @sealaura  and our sealaura fanpage on FB.
Do you have camping stories?  Where do you like to go camping?


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Congrats on your casita! Love it!!

ODYSSEY said...

Love it. Now you can really get around and explore!
My family and I enjoy camping. My dad took my brother and me tent camping a lot, and it's something we've continued into adulthood.
Now that J and I are Stateside again, we hope to return to our camping adventures in the near future.

Carrie said...

That Casita is going to be so much fun!

paisleysummer said...

How fantastic. It looks so cute and will be so much fun.
Merry Christmas Laura x

beachcomber said...

so cute! look forward to following your travels.

Nicolle said...

Love this post dear friend! I was so happy when I heard that you picked up your Casita. It's so cute, and I just know you all will enjoy it so much. Fun pictures, and can't wait to see more of your camping adventures. Hope you are loving Austin too!

Merry Christmas.

Caron's Beach House said...

so fun for your adventures!! Can't wait to see what you are going to see next.


cindy whitehead said...

This is SO cool! I cant wait to see inside. You always have the best adventures - Love that! Merry Christmas to you and your family!! xoxo