Ray Ban sunnies, similar here, Dansko Stormy Boots, Jeans by Yummie Tummie
Although it was warm for Utah, it was the winter break that I really craved.  Life in the Tropics, does not call for cozy sweaters so I got to break out some of my winter wardrobe favorites.
 I switched my cowboy boots to these  Dansko stormy boots.  When I was teaching in Monterey these were my go to shoes.  And here in Utah they have been great for walking all over the city.
Wrap Sweater from American Eagle (old) similar here
 You might remember my almost perfect bag, well it has not disappointed and has been aboslutely perfect for this trip.  I've  carried water, maps, snacks, without sacrificing style.

gold tone watch from mark. (old) similar here  leather bracelet from Linnea Pelle similar here

I just love city life and the ability to walk everywhere.  It is so freeing but alas it is our last full day in Salt Lake and I am going to miss this place.  Goodbye mountains, fresh air and snow!
Soon I will be back in the Tropics where the Canine Travel Team awaits our return.
Wishing you a warm weekend!