Our adventure in Utah continues and today we are in Park City.  There's a bit of snow on the mountains but give it a little more time for you skiers out there.  This mountain community is right up my alley.  There are plenty of places to eat, shop and be merry. 
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 This is a nice walking town but if you need a lift, it's nice to know public transit is available.
We had a delicious Brazilian lunch at The Bridge and I would highly recommend a stop here. They have a great menu that also includes regular cafe items. The couple next to us was enjoying a fabulous pancake breakfast.
Loved running into this Banksy  if you would like to learn more click here.
We have a few days left in Utah and it will be hard to leave this amazing place.  It has been nice to refuel on art, culture not to mention that this was a perfect place to kick off our holiday season.  I was telling B we should do a quick Christmas here since it will probably be hot back in the Tropics.  We are staying in the Salt Lake City in a part called Sandy and I have been really happy with how much we have been able to see  and do during our week here.  So if you make it to SLC make sure to visit Park City, Sundance, and whatever else strikes your fancy because it's all relatively close.  And I've said it before but I have to say it again, the people here are sooooo nice! It's unreal.  Tonight we hope to check out the lights in SLC by Temple Square and maybe sneak over to the Patagonia store, fingers crossed!
Where do you like to visit during the winter time?