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Warm and Toasty

Sam Edelman Karla Boots in Taupe
One of my favorite things about fall is being cozy, warm and toastly but unlike the rest of the country we are warm and toasty outside.  Still because of the tropical climate we do have to cover up a bit to avoid the little residents of the tropics (hello bugs!) from making a meal out of our arms and legs.  After having my AHA moment as to why Texans where boots, I am all about my boots. 
wearing my absolutely fave jeans from Yummie Tummie by Heather Thompson HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Grey, White and Taupe= LOVE
I can't believe I am wearing this much clothing in this heat but I'm getting used to it.  As much as I love my flip flops and sandals there are too many critters to risk getting bitten.  As I walk Norm and Newman each day the sidewalks are lined with enormous red ants and little fire ants and well let's just say I've learned my lesson. But on another note, can I just tell you I have found the most perfect midrise jeans ever!! I have such a hard time finding jeans that are not low rise and leave me exposed so I as on a quest and decided to try Heather Thompson's line and they are just perfect. Stylish, midrise, sexy and versatile jeans.  I can wear these to walk the boys and also to a night of cocktails which I did do last night!
Chain Glam Necklace by mark
Of course I have to add a little accessory and this chain necklace is just the thing for my out in the Texas outback look.  My partner in crime is back from and extended tour in Europe so we are going to enjoy a nice weekend together.  There are so many movies we want to see, so perhaps a trip to the cinema will be a break from being warm and toasty.
What are your plans for this weekend?


anita said...

Love the necklace Laura ..
we are having a work Saturday, painting between tenants. Sunday we are taking Ian to eaves and wings, an air show over Daytona beach!

anita said...
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missgiven said...

Great post!!!!!!

Jess | the Jess Journals said...

I love the chain glam necklace! I think I've worn it 3 times this week, today included. haha It's perfect for jazzing up an outfit :) Have a great weekend!

Beach House Living said...

I will have to check those jeans out. I found a store not to far away that sells them. Thanks for the tip!

Sarah B. said...

OH MY I love your boots!!!

Odyssey Home said...

The jeans look great on you. And I love your boots. When J and I went to the west TX desert last spring I finally understood why Texans wear heavy boots - the critters and the dust! I don't see many boots around here, where flip-flops rule, as the culture is quite beachy.
Weekend - I intend to work in the yard and catch up on reading. :)

paisleysummer said...

Those ants sound nasty! I think the boots look great x