I used to be able to only find these beauties at farmer's markets but I spotted these at the local HEB
A few years ago I had my first encounter with Blue Pumpkins (as seen here) and I was thrilled to think I could have coastal blue touches to my fall decor.  Mind you this is probably the extent of my fall decor but still, I try. :)
For you adventurous culinary types, there are some blue pumpkin recipes here. I personally would not mind a bowl of Pumpkin and Honey Crisp Apple Soup with Gorgonzola and Toasted Walnuts (recipe here) but I'll probably settle for some butternut squash soup that I can find at the supermarket.  I'll take bits of fall where I can get it.  I do have plans to bake a pie but I have to work up to it, since I've never done it.  In case you are new to the blog, I have only recently become a cook since I am currently homeschooling my chihuahuas.
Third image is mine and tablescapes were found on Williams Sonoma Blog : The Blender
I don't know where we will be for Thanksgiving this year, but wouldn't this be a lovely table for the celebration?  
What are some of your favorite things about fall?