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Tru Protection & Jay Alders Fall 2012

Just because it's fall doesn't mean you can't keep those beachy vibes alive.  Especially if you snag Trü Protections's new collection designed by renowned surf artist Jay Alders.  You may be familiar with his signature elongated figures because Jay Alders has been everywhere!  He has been featured in galleries all around the world and is a fixture on the surf scene.   He has even created some board designs for Original Longboards.
I love surf culture, I guess it comes with being a California girl.   From films to fashion,  I love to incorporate bits of it into my everyday .  That's why Jay's designs are up my alley.  These new air jackets look like sweet little surfboards.  My favorite is this blue one with the wave called "Right Past the Light".  I can almost feel the sea spray on my skin just looking at this design.  Not to mention the intense colors, the blues are so vibrant.   If you can't pick a favorite cover (there are four to pick from!), you could always develop a little air jacket "wardrobe" for your phone.
Jay Alders  can also add philantropist to his long list of accolades.  He supports many causes such as the Surfrider Foundation, PETA, the ASPCA and others.  It's worth noting that 15% percent of each purchase is being donated to the Kokua Hawaii Foundation.
As you can see the air jacket is very slim and adds no bulk to your phone and the fact that it's made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic is an added bonus. So there you have it, a combination of art, green living and philantropy.  Doesn't get any better.  To see more from Trü Protection check out their site here.


Luxx Mint said...

I love the surfboard one and the sunset case!

Thanks for your comment, i'm heading to vegas and hawaii and can't wait! x

Luxx Mint

anita said...

Ooh! I like these a lot. and love all things beach and surf as well! and live the surfrider foundation. isn't it great that surfing (being in the ocean with all those negative ions) is the very thing to make heal lungs!
love this one Laura

Odyssey Home said...

So cool! I like the surf culture as well...even though I've never even gotten on a surf board - ha.

Janette said...

Okay, so I just followed your blog.. It's too good not to! Love it! Feels so breezy and fresh here!


cindy whitehead said...

These are so cool! I love that you can keep the beach vibe w/you no matter what time of year or where you go!!

Desire Empire said...

Is designs are fantastic. I love the fact you can have him on your phone.
Thanks for stopping by. I need to re read that weight loss post again. I'm pretty good but am drinking too much and eating too much cake at the moment. I'll get back on the wagon.