When you live in the tropics, it's white clothes all year round.  Another way to survive the tropical heat and humidity is to head to a cool place like the McAllen Public Library.  I spend hours here and always end up doing a little part time translating.   For some reason people think I work here, I wish!
 Can't leave the house without my sunnies, the sun is strong and bright down here. 
 Thanks to my friend Sarah I am reading this Body for Life and have started kick started my fitness routine.  I am doing a little bit of everything, watching portions, informing myself about nutrition but more than anything EXERCISING!  Please hold me to it,  I must stay focused and committed!
This is my first fall not teaching and it is a little bittersweet.   Teaching has been a huge part of my life.  I have either been a student or a teacher.  However I am excited to see what the new season will bring for me career wise.  We've moved twice in one year so I am used to change.  And change is good.
This summer was awesome, I was able to take care of some personal business.  I had two tumors removed from my throat and I am cancer free.  My blog is a place where I hope to inspire you with my travels and beach life.  But I wanted to share this with you because if there is a medical test you need to do, do it!  It feels so good to close this scary chapter of my life.  I had cancer as a child and was afraid it would reoccur, thankfully my tumors were benign and I can move forward with my life. Thanks for reading and for coming along on all of our adventures.
Wishing you a wonderful and healthy start to the new season!