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Dive Week in SPI

Summer may be coming to a close but in my opinion, this is the perfect season to come for a holiday in South Padre.  The crowds are smaller, kids are back in school and as much as I love them the Winter Texans have yet to arrive.  I'm not much of a crowd person so empty beaches where I can go for a leisurely stroll are right up my alley.

picture from best-diving.org
But if you are on the adventurous side, you might want to bring your scuba gear.  From September 12-24 SPI celebrates Dive Week which includes an opportunity to check out the Texas Clipper which is a sunken ship that acts as an artificial reef.  I had no idea that it was even there! Aside from being a fun wreck dive, I've read you can find the same kind of tropical fish you would see in the Caribbean.  I'm not diving certified but you may recall sealaura's Sports Director B is, (as seen here and here) and if we don't check it out this fall, maybe next!  The Texas Clipper has a neat history, it has had 3 lives.  First as a Navy Ship in WWII taking the attack troops to Iwo Jima, second as a cruise ship and lastly as a floating classroom for Texas A&M students.  For more info on the Texas Clipper click here.
Have you ever been diving?


Sarah B. said...

My dad is a certified master scuba diver, and took me & my husband scuba diving in La Jolla, CA. It was beautiful down at the bottom with all the fish and sea shells! It gave me anxiety being down that far so I don't think I'll go again haha.

Nicolle said...

I have only snorkeled several times, but have never been diving. I still hyperventilate each time I snorkel, so I'm not sure if I could handle diving. Maybe one day?! That first photo of the beach is so gorgeous, so inviting. I took Boyd down to Port Aransas about this time of year, a couple of years ago. I loved that it was not crowded. I sure am longing for a beach trip now! :)

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

How cool! You find the neatest stuff in the region. :)
I've done a few BVI dives, including the Wreck of the Rhone. It was very special; I'll never forget it.

Alvin Thoms said...

Diving palm beach
is really an enjoyable place who like to diving. I agree with your point that some people like crowded places but other not.I think we should choose crowded place because we can get more knowledge of people who are experienced in diving.

cnidy whitehead said...

Look at all those shells!! WOW - that is cool, we don't get that here in Hermosa any more... sad )-: