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I have spent many summers in Las Vegas and in the deserts of California, but TEXAS... YOU WIN! Hands down!!   I have never lived in a place this HOT.  Life in the Tropics is nice and pretty but a little sweaty.  However we are not letting the heat keep us locked up, this week we are headed to San Antonio.  Have you ever been to San Antonio?  Do you have any recommendations?  We are definitely going to check out the famous Alamo and the Riverwalk which is where we will be staying but if you have any insider knowledge, please do tell.
¡Hasta Pronto!


Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Hang on, the cool season is coming. By November it will be much better.
In SA, be sure to check out the King William Historic District. Alamo Heights is lovely, too. (It's where we wanted to move but alas, not meant to be.) It's very clean (mostly anywhere outside south TX is clean to me). Central Market in AH is an excellent supermarket! I could go crazy in there. And it has a nice little cafe area to sit and have a quick and healthy lunch, too - believe it or not. Broadway Street takes you from downtown to Alamo Heights.
If you need to shop, La Cantera in the 'burbs is verrry nice. It's an outside mall but shaded (and seems to be air-conditioned!) so it's not too hot for walking. Quarry Market for shopping is good too.
The Art Museum downtown is excellent! They allow photographs, which is almost unheard of in museums.
You will love the River Walk. It's rather peaceful because it's so green and pretty. It can be a bit touristy but really a lovely place to stay in SA. I think it shouldn't be too crowded now that school has started.
I wish you and B a wonderful trip to SA!

Nicolle said...

I agree with you, Texas is just way hot. I think the humidity adds to the madness, and it's just HOT!

I'm so excited about your visit to San Antonio. You will be so surprised when you see The Alamo, right smack dab in the middle of downtown. It's so neat though.

I have a few restaurant suggestions:
Chris Madrid's, for burgers.
Mi Tierra, downtown, so good!
Taco Taco, a little taco shop that is to die for.

My favorite grocery store of all time,
Central Market. I think there are a few locations there.

Enjoy! It's one of my favorite cities. Kevin and I had our first {blind} date at The Republic of Texas, a restaurant on The Riverwalk.