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Summer Wardrobe

It's tempting to throw on the same old shorts and T-shirt when the temperature gets unbearable.  Feeling  hot and sticky is bad enough but add messy to the mix and I feel worse.  Even though I've lived in South Texas for half a year and don't know too many people, sure enough I will run into the ones I do know and I don't want to really look like a HOT MESS.  My solution is often adding accessories.  A necklace, bracelet or a nice pocketbook can be just the thing to help you look a little more polished.  My other tip is wearing dresses.  You don't have to over think it, select dress and GO!
There's nothing wrong with wearing the same pieces all summer.  You just have to pick the ones that flatter you and make you feel good.  If you feel blah in a certain piece, get rid of it STAT!!  My obsession with olive green comes in handy because I know it suits my skin tone and by adding a crisp white shirt and gold accessories, it brightens up this simple look.  I have worn this white shirt so many times it should be black but I'm so glad that I can wear it with just about anything.  For me,  sometimes wearing a nice watch is all I need to feel a little more put together.  I may be walking my dogs and carrying a bag of you know what but hey, the watch says I am not a complete disaster!  At least that's what I'm thinking.  Honestly,  being comfortable in your own skin is what really matters but I find it that sometimes people are a little too comfortable wearing their PJs out and about.
What's a staple in your summer wardrobe?


Madeupgirl said...

I love how you photographed the Jewelry.

Odyssey Home said...

Great tips, Laura. You have the nicest jewelry and I like the way you personalize everything. You're one of the best dressed people in all of south Texas, by far.
I'll never forgot seeing a young woman in her pajamas and house shoes at our local Target (and no, it was not late night - which still would not have made it ok). We'd just moved from Charleston, so it was a real eye opener!
I'd love to make dresses my summer staple again but the crazy wind dictates that dress-wearing here is usually a big "don't"!

Luxx Mint said...

I love your accessories and that jacket is perfect!

Luxx Mint

Mimi said...

i am loving your summer wardrobe! :D some staples in my summer wardrobe are shorts and dresses. :)

<3, Mimi
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