In our quest to find the quieter part of South Padre we drove north on Padre Blvd til the road literally ended.  It was so breathtaking that it made us fall in love with the island all over again.  As usual we had no real destination in mind, so we just kept driving and took in the beautiful views of the dunes.  This part of the island has super soft vanilla sand that feels just magical on your feet.  It was like being in two worlds, because the sand dunes gave the illusion of a desert oasis until you climbed it and saw the beautiful blue waters of the Gulf.
We had mainly visited the Isla Blanca area (as seen here and here) but if you head north towards Beach Access #5 and #6 you will find the most gorgeous and secluded beaches.  Parking is $10 dollars at those access spots and you definitely want to come prepared with water and snacks because like I said, it's pretty secluded down here.  It's also recommended that you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle if you want to go past the "road ends" area.  In fact, you can drive on the beach til you hit Port Mansfield, which is where we took you last weekend.  I believe it's a 30 mile sandy drive so be prepared!
Another nice surprise was the water temperature. It was beyond warm!! Coming from Northern California where it kind of hurts to stick your feet in because it is so cold, this water was like a warm coastal hug.  I think we have found our new favorite spot.
Until next time! Do you have any trips planned for the holiday?