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You might have noticed that I am a huge animal lover.  Huge is actually an understatement.  In fact,  I can spend hours on Pinterest looking at sweet animals and pinning away.  Thankfully my husband and fellow explorer is kind enough to indulge me and pull over whenever I spot a little creature I have to meet cara a cara. 
We were on our way to get some burgers and decided to take a little side road when we came across these sweet goats. South Texas is full of little surprises.  By no means do we live in the country but it's interesting how we can easily take a turn and spot these fellas or a horse or llamas like it's no big deal.  
Luckily I've only run into snake skins and not actual snakes in my adventures so far.  I can't even imagine what that would be like and I really don't want to find out, ugh!  Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend full of your own adventures!
What surprises have you found in your 'hood?


Nicolle said...

I love the huge Longhorn cattle that we have right outside of our neighborhood. We don't see them often, so I don't know where they hide, but it's always a treat when they are out in the field as we drive by. I need to stop and get some pictures of them. I love your sweet pictures here of the goats. They have such cute little faces. The snake gives me the chills. Kevin's mom lives in the country, so I'm always on snake patrol when we swim at her house.

Hope you have a good day. I wish you and I were neighbors, and we could explore together. Of course, I'd spend most of our time at the beach. :)

Beach House Living said...

Wow! How fun.
I like that horse farms and the like are close by us too.

Sarah B. said...

Oh they are so sweet!

One surprise in my neighborhood I found yesterday was a homeless man sleeping in a tent under a tree on the side of the road. I wish I could stumble upon some sweet animals instead, haha :)

plaits and paisley said...

Cute goats! I hate snakes though, not fond of them at all.
My little neighbour has a guinea pig. Portia doesn't know what to make of it at all! x

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

I basically find the same kind of surprises that you do...seeing that we are almost neighbors.

Let's see...a cockroach landed on my hand last night. Does that count as a surprise? ;)

How about this: There is a farm animal rescue and sanctuary that I recently, happily discovered when I made friends w/ a fellow animal lover who volunteers there. It's on the outskirts of town but it feels like it's the middle of nowhere, and I like that. The animals all have names and are very well-cared for. The sanctuary has been my favorite surprise lately. You'd love it.

Your photos are capture the goats' curiosity and innocence. I am obsessed with goats lately!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Lovely looking neighbors!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

We stop every time we see goats too. We live somewhat in the country here in the mountains and of course there are lots of cows, but goats always fascinate us for some reason.

Bettie said...

That first image is hilarious! I must say their eyes always gave me the chill. But glad you have a good vibe going there.

Helen said...

Aww their little serious faces! So cute! I can't say I ever see a lot of animals round here apart from cats and dogs

LovePetunia said...

We have goats that live in the farm behind our subdivision. In the winter when there aren't any leaves on the trees and I have a clear view, I love to watch the goats with their babies run and play and even climb the trees. They are so cute!
I love the shots you got of these goats and love that your hubby stops so you can get pictures! Very nice!