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Armed and Ready

This is my latest armor lineup.  I'm especially attached to my Caribbean hook bracelet.  This is a new one I picked up on St. John last month, but you might remember me telling you about my first one here.  Anyway, I know it's a little Mr. T but I dig it.  Some people can't leave the house without make-up.  I can, no problem!   But I can't leave the house with at least one of these babies on my wrist.  There's a  "rule" that says to take one item off before you leave the house but I do the opposite, I add one more.
What fashion "rule" do you break?


Alicia Hessinger said...

Oh my I love that hook bracelet! And that's a fun little story that goes with them. I love anything that has a story. If I ever make it to the Virgin Islands I'll have to pick one up for myself!

You know what would go great with your Armed and Ready Mr. T look? Essie's Armed and Ready: http://www.essie.com/shop/armed-ready-p-405.html

As far as fashion rules I break its the white after Labor Day rule... I wear white year round! Esp when its in the 90's far into the fall in Nor Cal haha!

O D Y S S E Y said...

That is the same hook bracelet I have (from Colombian Emeralds), only in all gold. I have a similar one in silver w/ gold wire (from St. John) like yours, too but the hook is more rounded.
I love your bracelet posts. :)
I'm sure I break all sorts of fashion "rules".

Texan Royalty said...

I love your blog! I too was in Cali (for 15 years) and now live in on the Tx coast. Very interesting and diverse topics! Keep up the great posting!

plaits and paisley said...

I love the hook bracelet. They all look great together, don't change your 'rule' x

Nicolle said...

I love your bracelets, you wear them well!

I probably break way too many fashion rules to even list here. :)


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Why yes you are! Love it!

Carla Tomas said...

Great Blog!
xoxoxo Carla