Happy First day of summer!  Are you excited?  I just love the start of a new season and all the possibilities that come with it.  We just had our fabulous honeymoon in the Caribbean and have a few little trips we'd like to do here in Texas before the summer is over.   Of course, we will be heading to South Padre Island a whole bunch since that is our local beach.  Maybe it's all my years of teaching but I feel like it's a new semester and I need to set some goals.  I recently picked up Texas Monthly magazine and am excited to use it as my guide in getting to know this enormous state.  It's a pretty cool magazine in case you also happen to live in Texas or want to visit.  I know California like the back of my hand and maybe the reason I am in Texas is to do some exploring and uncover some hidden gems and share them here on sealaura.  As far as goals, I need to study my french, add a little cardio to my workouts, and work on the old blog!  I seem to go in spurts, I can get on a fashion kick, then hop on to cook mode.  But I guess that's what blogging is all about, posting what comes into your life and grabs your interest.
How will you kick off this first weekend of summer?