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Get your beach bag ready!

Disclaimer : I receive a discount for these products but my opinions are real and my own :)
 It's time to get your beach bag ready for the unexpected trips to the sea or a picnic in the park.  I find it such a challenge to remember everything when a spontaneous trip calls, so I think I will be creating a little beach kit.  I picked up this beach bag from mark. an online boutique that has a little bit of everything and is great for girls on a budget like me.  I was amazed how much I could stash in here:
1. flippers
2. swim board
3. goggles, snorkel mask
4.  snacks
5. sunscreen
6.  insect repellant
7. 2 towels
8.  1 book
9.  B's swim socks
By the way, this bag is reversible and has a cute nautical print on the other side.
Now that I'm back in Texas, I need to make the canine travel team a bag too.  Even though I am only a dog mom I find that while everyone runs to the car and gets buckled in I am left scrambling to bring all the essentials.  Not that I'm complaining because I do like to take care of my family but does that ever happen to you?  Does your family ask you for the sunscreen, chips and expect it to come out of your "magic bag?"  Well, since this is my role, I use it to my advantage and justify my bag obsessions by explaining that I need something to carry everyone's gear in!!  So there you have it!
Do you have any tricks to keep your beach bags ready?


Sarah B. said...

I am the go to person to hold everyone's stuff or they always ask if I have "blah blah" and usually I DO! I have a Lake bag packed in my closet with towels, sunscreen, large ziplocks and a couple plastic bags so when I am ready to go I can just throw in some snacks and go!

Also when I go to the movies I bring my "monster purse" which i stash in snacks and drinks ;)

I love the print on your bag, very cute :)

O D Y S S E Y said...

Very pretty and unique bag, Laura.
I keep a beach bag packed with essentials, something I learned to do when living in the islands. Then all I have to do is grab and go. :)

anita said...

love the vibrant colors and size of your bag laura! yes, i keep my beach bag stocked and ready w/ suits, sunblock and a plastic zip bag for phone protection! also want to find a light hammock, those small portable ones that can be thrown up in mangrove trees overlooking the gulf!!!

Nicolle said...

Your beach bag is gorgeous. I also keep a bag handy. It's so nice to just grab it and go to the pool. Mine is just a reusable shopping bag from Central Market, so I might need to look into getting something really cute, like yours. :)

mercurydawn.com said...

I leave it near the door to the garage so I always know where it is.