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Striped Chameleons

from Harper's Bazaar March 2012
"It's very good for my work to be a chameleon"- Jean Paul Gaultier
Of course the nautical stripes drew me in to this picture but I also loved the message behind it.  I find it interesting how chameleons are creatures that blend in but once you spot them, you can't take your eyes off of them.  Mondays call for inspiration and motivation and this was mine.
What was yours?


Loui♥ said...
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Loui♥ said...

I'm inspired by the beauty viewed through my window..
as I wake up with morning coffee and computer visits..
Sadly at the moment,
motivation is lagging..
Hopefully with another refill,
and a hot shower,
I'll be further motivated to get started on my Monday list...
enjoy your Monday!

plaits and paisley said...

Very cool picture and message x

Nicolle said...

Great picture and I also love what you wrote about it. So true!

I'm going to tell a secret. We were at a friend's house yesterday and their kids had a million toys, and although Boyd does NOT have a million toys, I was inspired to get up and clean and send a few toys to Goodwill today. So, that was my motivation/inspiration to get up and move this morning. :) Oh, and I bought an outfit for a wedding this coming weekend, because I don't own a decent wedding outfit! I hardly wear makeup anymore, so I had to check to see if I had proper makeup too. Now I'm really telling on myself. :)

Have a great week friend.

trishie said...

That's such a cool pic and great message

Cindy Whitehead said...

That is really cool! I had to look twice!

The doll on fashion said...

Love this photo - it took me two goes to spot it!

The doll on fashion

Kate said...

Love this photo! It took me a few seconds to figure out there's a guy hiding there ;)