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Field Trip

 I hope everybody had a nice Holiday Weekend.  For us, it was a perfect day for a walk in the nearby fields with the Canine Travel Team.  I had my eyes peeled for snakes but luckily we made it safe. 
 Loved the sweet flowers we found along the way.  Does anyone know what this one is?  Our "Field Trip" reminded me of one of my favorite posts,  "Poppies and Puppies" back in Seaside, CA where I got to show you the California state flower.
 I am still getting used to life in Texas and it's scenes like these, that help the transition.  With the Easter Holiday, I've also been thinking a lot about renewal and fresh starts.  You'd think that after so many moves I'd be a pro at this, but I'm not.  The good thing is that you don't have to wait for New Year's to make resolutions or to revamp your groove.
What intentions do you have this Spring?


O D Y S S E Y said...

i believe the pink flower is evening primrose.
the texas fields are amazing this time of year. blankets of color! J took some pics during his commute home from work last week.

Nicolle said...

These pictures are gorgeous. I especially love the first one. Yes, those pink flowers are evening primrose. They are so pretty and sweet. I hope Texas continues to grow on you. I know it's got to be quite an adjustment. You are so right, you don't have to wait for New Year's to get a fresh start. I hope this week is great for you. xo.

plaits and paisley said...

The fields are very pretty.
We are coming into Autumn, but all the same it's never a bad time to decide to count your blessings and look for new challenges. Blogging for me, has been just one.
After 14 years I still miss the west coast of Australia, but I have experienced so many other things because of our move to the east x

Anonymous said...

Love the photos - so pretty! Hmmm my intentions this Spring...paddle boarding, shell crafting, and I guess I should do some cleaning too ;)

Cheryl said...

Ugh, I messed up - that Anonymous comment was from me. Sorry!

xs said...

what beautiful photos. i love the first. for some reason it seems a prefect inspiration for new beginnings