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Club Beach @ the Ritz Carlton Naples, FL

With the temperatures getting warmer, who isn't up for a little fun in the sun? We will be spending the Easter holiday here in Texas and maybe hit the island for a bit but for those of you in Florida there is a super cool place called "Club Beach."

This weekend the Ritz Carlton in Naples is hosting a super cool opportunity to enjoy the luxury resort experience. Beginning Thursday, April 5th through Sunday, April 8th, Club Level guests will be offered the ultimate luxury resort experience – Club Beach.  This private beach setting is exclusively for Club Level guests. Wouldn't it be great to take in the sun on the plush couches, relax in one of their lovely hammocks, or enjoy a complimentary umbrella while taking in a sunny day at the  Gulf of Mexico.  I have a little Eloise in me that just adores hotels and all the luxuries they provide.

Oh an nothing goes better with lounging by the beach than a fruity drink.  Luckily the "Club Beach" event this weekend will feature a huge variety of cocktails.  How I wish I were in Florida to enjoy this, but it is definitely going on my lists of places to visit.
Are you headed to any Beach Holiday Getaways for Easter?


Simple Daisy said...

Looks pretty fabulous if you ask me:):) Although I have to say it's been pretty nice here...so I should be thankful for that!!!

anita said...

we have a good friend who lives just a few blocks from the Ritz in naples! he actually got married there, well..on their beach! they have sunset parties every night there..it is super glam.

O D Y S S E Y said...

How lovely! Who wouldn't enjoy a stay at this fabulous hotel?
No Easter plans here...staying put to avoid the masses. :)
I think the weather will surely be nice at the beach this weekend. Enjoy!

Nicolle said...

That looks like a beautiful place. Secretly, I wish I was headed there, ALONE. I need a little break, alone, with no child, no husband, no one I know. That would be dreamy!

Beach House Living said...

Looks wonderful to me!

Desire Empire said...

Wow I'd love to be there right now.

Happy Texas Easter.

Cindy Whitehead said...

It looks amazing - I want to go! Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. xo