I've been craving some Thai food BAD so when I saw a recipe for an "EASY" thai curry recipe  I was all over it.  Nicolle from the blog "Boyd's Crazy Mama" inspired me to try her recipe.
As you can see the procedure is indeed pretty simple.  You can tweak the recipe to taste.  For instance you can make it with shrimp instead of chicken and add whatever veggies you prefer or have on hand. And even though this sounds like an exotic meal, you can pretty much find all the ingredients at your local supermarket.  I took Nicolle's recommendation and cooked the chicken ahead of time.  Once the sauce was ready to go, I then threw in the chicken and let that simmer for a while.  Finally scoop yourself some curry over a bowl of Jasmine rice or any grain of your choice, sprinkled some fresh cilantro, Sriracha sauce and EAT!  I made this last night for Valentine's dinner and my husband loved it!