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Bordados from the Border

Although I am not under a couple of inches of snow like some of you may be, I am really looking forward to Spring.  It's been pretty gloomy over here in South Texas, hot but gloomy.  Grey skies, for what seems to be weeks.  Luckily living so close to the border we are surrounded by many colorful artisan crafts that lift our spirits like this sunny and cheerful tapestry.   So many details! I can barely get through making half a friendship bracelet before I make a mistake.
By the way here's your Spanish lesson of the day:

 BORDAR = to embroider or stich en español.

Do you get crafty when the weather is less than sunny?


Simple Daisy said...

Oh my goodness! I love this!!!!
So beautiful!!!
Sometimes...I get less crafty as the weather goes south:( I feel less inspired and happy!!
Good thing we aren't too far off from spring!!!!

Nicolle said...

I hope your grey skies are gone soon!

These are gorgeous. Love looking at this picture. It makes me happy. :)

O D Y S S E Y said...

That is beautiful embroidery work. My creative pursuits don't include crafts and handiwork but I do admire it. My sis-in-law taught me to knit but I can't be bothered making woolens in south TX. ;)
In this region, winter is grey sky season for sure! It's one of the things I most remember from our short time here before. Have you had any early a.m. fog? It's common here in CC, very serene and beautiful.

beachcomber said...

gorgeous crafts!! i guess i do get more crafty when the weather's not so good. i didn't realise it snowed in texas.

Cloudia said...


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