Although many are busy planning for the holiday season, I am planning for the resort season.  Luckily, B and I still have to enjoy our honeymoon so I do need to plan for a tropical getaway.  I started perusing the Neiman Marcus catalog on my ipad and became instantly smitten when I saw these pieces. First of all, the pink raybans spoke to me (LOUDLY) and will definitely be going on my wish list, also isn't the detail on the clutch so sweet?   Looking at gorgeous pieces like these as we approach winter, motivates me to eat well and take care of my body so I don't run into a panic once we hit beach season. In California, beach season can happen ay any time, but truthfully one should always be ready!  By the way, in case you have an ipad, I highly recommend downloading the Google catalogs app, not only is it environmentally green, but it's like free glossies to peruse without the clutter. 
What is your must have item when you go tropical?