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Big Sur Village

 The weather has taken a shift here in Monterey, but before the nights got darker and colder, I managed to make a pit stop at Big Sur Village.  This sweet little village nestled in the woods is usually a quick stop for some water and snacks but I recently took a longer stroll along the shops and small galleries and discovered a wonderful surprise.
 Right next to the pool at the Big Sur River Inn is this wonderful river, perfect for grabbing your sandwich and having a picnic by the water  The Inn itself seemed like a fun little rustic place to stay and has a wonderful history behind it dating back from 1888. To learn more about the inn click here.
So the lesson for today is to never underestimate little stops like this one.  Often times we want to quickly gas up and get back on the road, but you never know what hidden gems await.
Have you found any hidden gems lately?


O D Y S S E Y said...

lovely photos, and brilliant weather for a pit stop! those can be so fun. on the road, J and i enjoy wandering in road side stores to see a bit of local culture.
haven't found any hidden gems lately but perhaps we will on our december road trip to alabama.

Love of the Sea said...

Gorgeous. I have not found any hidden gems lately - but my eyes are open!!

Ms. Givens said...

You make me want to go here!
The little stops are somtimes the best. We stopped at a gas station once that had a rattle snake pit. Kinda cool. ;)
I need matte shadows and Mark doesnt make very many. :(
Watch youtube tutuorials to learn how to apply eye make up.

Cindy Whitehead said...

Gorgeous Laura - your photos bring each place to life - feels like I am there! xo