Here in Monterey County, you never know where the weather is going to turn, from fog to a glorious sunny day.  We headed to Asilomar for some family time (see next post) and of course were immediately inspired by the beautiful surf.  Every time we come here I am amazed at how much it looks like a painting. I was trying to think of a perfect title for this post and AZURE came to mind because it describes a pale cyan color.  Of course depending on the light this can change but Asilomar does have some of the clearest water I have seen in Cali and this is due to its lack of turbidity.
In case you are wondering about these mounds of kelp, you might recall that Monterey waters are characterized by their rich kelp forests.  Remember this post from our visit to the Aquarium?

Nothing like a beautiful coastal view to get your mind in the right perspective.
How do you help clear your mind for the new week?