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Heather Brown Surf Art

Waikiki Surf Girl Art
 Heather Brown is an artist from Oahu who draws from her love of the sea nature, popular surf breaks, and the beauty of the islands.  She recently debuted her collection with Power Support USA and TRU protection iphone cases.  What a great way to keep your phone safe and beachy all in one. 
Pupukea Surf

Aside from being a talented artist, Heather is mindful of the environment.  The cases are made from 100% post consumer recycled plastics and they are all made here in the USA.  Lastly 15% of the proceeds of each sale will go to 3 great organizations that Heather has been working with, The Surfrider Foundation, The Kokua Foundation and Living Beyond Breast Cancer. If you are interested on getting your hands on one of these cases check them out at Mono-LA in Venice Beach or Tru-Protection and Power Support USA.  And if you want to check out Heather's blog, click here.  MAHALO!


Beach Coast Style said...

love these Laura! just might have to get one!

Ms. Givens said...

Love it! Love the simplicity, the subject and the wonderful colors.
I like art allot!

sharon vuitton said...

beautifuul art!!

Sarah B. said...

Wow, those are so cool!

Ps. I finally updated my blog, haha

Amanda Hill said...

Those are really great! I just found your blog and I am totally going to follow! Thanks!

Cindy Whitehead said...

OK this is proof that i need to switch from a Blackberry to an iphone - I NEED this case!!!

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

I don't have a smart phone or an i-pod but I think my kids would think those cases were very cool!