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Bird Rock @ Pebble Beach

Bird Rock at Pebble Beach is a well known landmark on what is part of the famous 17 mile Drive along the Central Coast of California.  You can spot many sea lions, seals and birds resting and lounging at this granite landmark.  Bring your binoculars to get a better view although they do have some quarter operated ones for you to use.  Although I live in Monterey, I have only done this drive once but I highly recommend it.  It is worth the $9.50 ticket price to drive through the gated Pebble Beach Community. 
What are some of your favorite drives along the coast?


style odyssey said...

Bird Rock- well, the name is certainly fitting! Reminds me of Pelican Island in the BVI, also aptly named. You've seen it, I'm sure- in the Sir Francis Drake Channel on the way to The Bight at Norman Island.

I'd love to drive along the California Pacific Highway, or whatever it's called. I know it's breathtaking!

Ms. Givens said...

It's beautiful!
Hope you have a good weekend!
I am going to eat Peruvian food tonight and I am excited.

Bella-Fleur said...

Now this looks like a place I would love! I love to watch and I love the ocean! What a pretty place! lucky you to live in cali! I really want to go back, it's been 3 year since we have been to California. Hope you have a great weekend!

Melissah said...

That looks like a great afternoon drive! I live on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. It's rugged & dramatic & people come from all over the world to do the drive. It really is spectacular with lots of great stuff to do along the way.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

The 17 mile drive is awesome. I drove it once, as well.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

We have some nice drives along our coast...but a whole different feel. Tropical rather than rocky. Yours is stunning!

simpledaisy said...

I think that drive sounds lovely!!!!! I think driving along the Lake Michigan coastline is pretty nice!!

Heather said...

cute cute cute!

Rose West said...

The California coast is so gorgeous - someday I want to go back and go pier-hopping.

Kirsty said...

Wow gorgeous!