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Aquiesse inspired by the Central Coast

pictures taken on the Central Coast (Monterey) by sealaura
 Aquiesse is a luxury home fragrance brand that is inspired by the rich coastal regions of Central California.  Since I live on the Central Coast, I was delighted when I was contacted to review this lovely candle.  I was lucky to enjoy "Shoreline" and upon opening the box I felt like I was being taken to a fabulous vacation.
pictures taken on the Central Coast (Monterey) by sealaura
As you can see even the box is beautiful and felt like a passport to experience the ocean air.  Inside of course, is the lovely smoke-brown glass with their gorgeous seahorse crest that will easily fit to your house's decor.  You can find these great candles at Bloomingdales, Planet Beauty, Candles off Main and many other retailers.   These candles have a 45 hour burn time, so you can experience the California coast for a long time and believe me that is a good thing.

I am excited to try their Monterey Pine next, especially for the upcoming holiday season.  We will be spending this Christmas, seaside but the scent of pine needles will definitely make it feel like Christmas around our beach house.  To learn more about Aquiesse you can find them on FB and twitter.


Bella-Fleur said...

awesome I will have to check these out, thanks for sharing! They sound amazing:-)

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Sounds so delicious, and I love the seahorse crest on the glass!!

Ms. Givens said...

MMMMMmmmm. They sound lovely!
One of my besties is moving to Long Beach in November. Maybe next year I can come out and we can meet. :)

O D Y S S E Y said...

such lovely colors, images...
i'm in the market for new candles.

Cez said...

ummm smell good from there!!!! ;))
Your french is great!!!! Nice to read you...and thanks for your message!!!!!

kcomekarolina said...


xoxo from rome