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Sand City, West End Festival 2011

 Sand City is right next door to Seaside.  In fact, it is a teeny tiny town that pretty much seemed like part of Seaside until this past weekend when we discovered why it deserves it's own identity.  Sand City's roots stem as a center for heavy industry, including coastal sand mining but today many artists live and create here. The 10th Annual West End Festival was our opportunity to learn and explore this coastal community.
For the West End Festival the streets of Sand City shut down to showcase the art from the community as well as to host some super cool local food, wine and of course ART!  They also invited some awesome musicians to perform.  B and I just found our two new favorite bands : Jackie Greene and Truth and Salvage Co.  They did a phenomenal show at this event.  It was so fun and joyful, and we had a blast!
 It was hard to believe that we could have such fun all for FREE.  Kudos to Sand City for providing this event.  Even though there is no shortage of things to do here in Monterey County, many of them do cost a pretty penny.  And it was nice to enjoy a nice day out in our community without having to pay the tourist price.
  Sand City, a hidden coastal gem here in Monterey County. Come check it out! 
PS.  I don't have pictures of the art b/c many artists didn't want their work photographed but I promise you there was so much talent here!


Ms. Givens said...

Looks like fun! I love art. Getting ready to put all mine back up now that I am finished painting my living room white.
Have a great week!

Loui♥ said...

Hi Laura..
For a moment or two you really had me thinking you were in Florida, near our Seaside..and it was mindblowing thinking there was a new town sprung up over night that I'd never heard of..
okay..breathing back to normal.. enjoyed the post.. sounds like you had a wonderful FREE time..
ps.. just Google Seaside FL..

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Psychiatric help for 5c...now that's a good deal! I kept myself busy (distracted) on Sun while Irene passed through... It's all good.

style odyssey said...

i always find it odd when other artists don't want their work photo'g. worth taking a chance, imo. hello, free marketing! (if their name/website link is published w/ photos. oh well, their loss!)

looks like a fun event. as another commenter mentioned, i was thinking of seaside, florida for a moment, too.

style odyssey said...

psychiatric help 5 cents, haha...who could resist that?! :D

NauticalCottageBlog.com said...

Oh, how fun! I love seeing all your new adventures in the Seaside area.

If you get a chance this week come over and enter to win a beach glass necklace (link on home page) :O)

Have a lovely week,Laura

anita said...

oyeah, i can see the colorful artistic folks there :) reminds me of key west! we have alot of art shows here too, and ya have to sneak photos, but i usually get one from the artist web site and link to it, so i'm just spreading the word :))))))