I think the notion that you can't wear white after Labor day is a little dated, plus how could you resist the crisp feeling that white generates, especially by the beach. Today's Isle Style is to give you a few different looks for what may be the last playful weekend of the summer season. Elle MacPherson looks stunning with her layered necklaces, bracelets and that sweet white cardi is perfect. Not to mention what I suspect to be a Missoni bikini bottom, is not a bad match.
Miranda Kerr looks adorable in this little white dress. Even better is that this look is doable at any age. Pairing this dress with simple tennies gives it a playful and cheerful feel.
Of course we can always go boho at the beach. I am personally gravitating towards the floppy hat and knitted poncho cover up. It's a little chilly here in Monterey so for this labor day weekend I will definitely reach for a warm cover up as I relax by the sea. .

Which white look do you prefer?