As the official State Flower of California, poppies can be found just about everywhere, even in concrete jungles due to its invasive nature. 
 On Sunday we decided to take the boys for a good run and went towards Fort Ord.  I have to admit I am definitely a city girl because I was very uneasy in this woodsy area and kept my eyes peeled for mountain lions.  Luckily we didn't go far from this empty road which is where we found these poppies.
 They are such delicate and bright flowers and I just love that they are very California: cool, casual and colorful.
 So here is my Newman from the Canine Travel Team.  Although the car rides with Newman are less than fun (he has major anxiety!!) once we get to our destination it is all about his ball and playing fetch.
Here are all of my boys, having a great time on a Sunday afternoon.  Part of enjoying the coastal lifestyle is to savor the little moments.
Like this one.