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Assateague's wild horses are WILD

picture from NPR

This morning I came across a very interesting story on NPR about the wild horses found at Maryland's Assateague Island National Seashore. Unfortunately, these horses are being affected by the trash that many tourists leave (accidentally or not) as well as by the human contact that many tourists seek for a great photo op. As much as I would love to see these beautiful horses up close, it is important to remember that they are WILD. For the complete story from NPR click here.
Have you ever visited Assateague Island or seen wild horses on the beach?
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style odyssey said...

no, i have not seen these horses but have seen wild ones on the beaches of tortola. such beautiful creatures.

so Maryland's beach horses are harmed by trash left behind (accidentally or not)...hmmm...people ought to look behind them, double check when leaving the beach. it's not rocket science. one of my students' dog was poisoned and became very ill from something left behind on one of our beaches. he survived but it was pretty scary, apparently. "leave only footprints" should be everyone's motto! :)

anita said...

always wanted to see the wild horses at cumberland state park in ga...think it would make a great day trip of swimming, picnicing and photo opts. at cumberland you come by ferry or boat and can only hike. so alot less invasive to horses

Inka Smith said...

I went to Assateague a few years ago and it was so beautiful. Such a shame they are having problems with trash. Enjoyed the pics

Beach Coast Style said...

So glad you posted this Laura, I read it earlier this morning and thought how shameful. I have never understood how people litter it just drives me insane. And the wild horses are just beautiful! I would love to visit and see them. I can just imagine the great photography that could come out of the visit!

MissBliss said...

Hi, Laura,

When I lived in DC in college summers I remember a friend going there...it always sounded amazing.

As a South Beach resident, I am astounded each time I am at my beach and see what people leave behind.

I'm ready to wear a T-shirt with a message each time I go!

Love of the Sea said...

What an interesting photo. And I have never been there - but have seen wild horses in Southern Colorado. And I am planning to go to Cumberland Island later this year which is well known for their wild horses. Living in Miami Beach it is terrible to see the disaster people leave the beach in. It is disgusting and shameful. I can't not understand why they do this.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Beautiful!! The garbage thing really bugs me.

Everything Coastal said...

What a beautiful picture!

simpledaisy said...

I have not seen the horses...but would LOVe to!! It always saddens me to see people taking such poor care of our earth! How can you not have even a little bit of pride in our "home!"

Cindy Whitehead said...

Great story - they are so amazingly beautiful. Funny how people love animals like this and their wildness yet insist on getting too close, leaving trash and ultimately end up contributing to their demise.

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

What am amazing photo!