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A boatload of thanks!

 It's a sunny day in Monterey (so far!). First I would like to give you all a BIG THANK YOU for all the love and support that you have given us over the past few weeks with all of our announcements.  We are so grateful.  As you have noticed, B and I are little gypsies that tend to move around a lot and one thing that has been constant is the love of our friends and families and when I say friends that also includes those kind sweet people that take time out of their busy days to visit us here on the blog.
 I took these shots on our Sunday walk on Fisherman's Wharf here in Monterey, and I just loved the deep color of the ocean and the contrast that came from these rugged boats and the flowers.  I've mentioned this before but I can never get enough of photographing boats.  
What are you photographing these days?


Ms. Givens said...

OMG, those are amazing shots.
Well, if all goes as planned I hope to get some great Polaroids of the Keys next week, but I first need to get the Polaroid. ;)

style odyssey said...

well, we here in the blogosphere are grateful for YOU. :)
what struck me with these photos was the deep black-blue water. it's quite a contrast against the boats.
what am i photographing lately? i took over 100 pics in old montreal, mostly of building exteriors and notre dame basilica. i love architecture!

Desert Dreaming said...

Totally amazing photos!!! Isn't is really quite nice that though you may never have met anyone who follows you on here, or that may have only written once, that you feel like you know them. Well, that's how people feel about you, your kindness, your zest for life, and those that you love. As I've said before, your posts always make me smile, and I couldn't be more happy for you and the wonderful news on your husband!!! I love hearing good news about people, it's what life is all about. Continue with much happiness, you so deserve it.


beachcomber said...

great photos!! also congratulations to your husband!

Rose West said...

Those photos are soo cool! Very picturesque :)

anita said...

love these boat shots! very nice!

Katherines Corner said...

my husband wants a boat so badly. Love the photo! Hugs

Desire Empire said...

Great boat shots. Hope all is well with you . I plan to stay a little white on your blog and catch up.