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The Orchid Boutique

Fun Halter Bikini
I bet most of the country would not mind wearing one of these suits to survive the heat.  Are you guys going bananas or what?  I could always use some more nautical stripes in my collection, so this "Fun Halter Bikini" speaks to me muchisimo.  When it comes to bikinis I love halters because they offer great support and coverage.  And believe it or not a smaller bottom makes your bottom look smaller. Try it!
Haute FlowersMartinique Monokini(
 All of these gorgeous suits are from The Orchid Boutique an online swimwear company with a huge selection of styles and designer suits.  Although I have been skeptical of monokinis, these two grabbed my attention.  The coverage is suberb, yet they are still muy sexy.
Geometric Wonder

It's hard to pick a favorite but this one is on top of my list.  You all know how I am a sucker for all things grey and this print along with the bits of color, seems so soft and romantic.
Knot Necklace & Knot Bracelet  
Lastly, how can you KNOT like these beauties? They are just perfect over sunkissed skin and for the summer goddess look.  Summer may be half way over but this is a great time to stock up on suits for next year and even for those winter getaway trips you might be planning already.  Whenever I need a new suit I never find the one, so I've learned to keep an eye out and snag suits or any other items when I do find something that I like.
Luckily, the nice people at the Orchid Boutique are having a great sale and offering sealaura readers a 10% discount!  Just enter sealaura at the checkout.  The code is valid from 8am EST July 22, and will be valid until midnight, July 29.
What kind of suit is your favorite?


Loui♥ said...

Hi Laura..
My fave has always been the bikini..
preferably in white..
but there was a time I sported one in leopard print..
and won a bikini contest!
the prize..a transistor radio!!
the year ..1961!!!
fast forward..
there is a bit more of me these days..
and at 66..a tankini is more my style..altho, there are times I do still wear my bikini!!!
like when sailing..
ahhh sweet memories..
these suits are definitely lovely..
have a delightful day!

style odyssey said...

a simple, unadorned black bikini is my choice in swimwear. no bells and whistles- just very plain, nice quality with minimal(ish) coverage. i've found that prints don't suit me well. i'd love to find a mimosa-yellow bikini.
for real swimming, i wear a black one-piece tank style suit from nike.
the knot jewelry does say "summer goddess"! cool finds, laura.

Ms. Givens said...

I like the gray one too!
Tankini's are my choice now. Reason being is that I am no longer 98 pounds like I was when I wore a bikini and I had lipo disolve done on my stomach that made it dimpled and unattractive. :(
Hope you have an awesome weekend!

drollgirl said...

lordy, i wish i looked like this in a bikini! if i did, i would wear one a LOT. lol

hope it cools down for you soon! i think most of the country is sweltering. wah. it is actually pretty nice where i live, but i know we'll hit the triple digits sooner or later. :[

MissBliss said...

Loving that bikini top! great colors...

We wear suits year round in Miami Beach, so I'm always up for new ideas!

I have always loved bikinis as an adult because the ocean water feels so good on my skin!

xo xo

Love of the Sea said...

Love the paisely suit. So cute. Hope your having a great weekend.

simpledaisy said...

Ok...now I feel guilty for eating my morning toast with extra peanut butter on it:):)
I love the last suit! It's so simple and cute and slightly vintage feeling:)
Maybe someday i'll look like that in a bikini...on second thought....no I won't! I love my wine and pizza too much:):)