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Biking with B : Fort Ord

 Every day B escapes on a little bike ride around Monterey with his bike "Phil"  remember when we purchased "Phil" in Palm Springs? Well since then Phil's terrain has changed from the desert to the hills on the Central Coast of Cali. 
We moved to Monterey for my new trabajo at DLI so as you can imagine this area has a huge military presence.  Fort Ord, a former U. S. Army post, is pretty much our back yard and is truly a beautiful area.  There are still many abandoned buildings in Fort Ord but what used to be an artillery target range is now a nature reserve.  In fact, it was the first nature reserve created to protect an endangered insect : the Smith's blue butterfly.
 B was trekking along when he ran into some traffic!  Remember the old group, Men at Work, well when B rain into these "Sheep at work."
 What's also incredible about this area, is that the ocean is just on the other side.  Who would've thought that there would be such a different terrain so close to the sand.  Not this LA girl! 
 As B meanders his way around, he comes up at the Laguna Seca Speedway.  Just another example of all the surprises that Monterey has to offer.  Laguna Seca is an auto and motorcycle racing track which is quite popular and has lots of different races and car shows year round.  You might recall, B took us there earlier this summer for the Sea Otter Classic.
Monterey is a pretty cool place to live but my main point in showing you these adventures in OUR area is so that you get encouraged to go seek out all the nooks in crannies in YOUR area.  :)  B is in ♥ with Monterey because it is super bike friendly and there are many trails to choose from with gorgeous landscapes.  
I've moved around a lot for my schools and trabajos and as an LA girl, that is where my heart is ♥.  However, I want to make sure I don't miss out on all the beauty in front of me, and thanks to B I won't! The grass on the other side doesn't always have to be greener.  I wish I would have embraced this feeling more when I lived in the Midwest, but lesson learned. I am trying to really enjoy what each place has to offer.  In fact this weekend we are headed to the Rodeo in Salinas!
What is the landscape like in your area?


Ms. Givens said...

Its gorgeous. I am a little envious of B.
Seems like here we are always suffering from allergies or extreme weather or maybe thats just my excuse.
I was outdoors everyday when I lived in Georgia. No lie.
Sam and I intend to go visit the Blue Hole in Salina soon and go to the Tulsa Zoo but when its 107 outside you gotta be safe.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I've never explored the hills when I was visiting the area..., never wanted to be away from the sea, haha. The hills are beautiful! Sounds like you're missing LA a bit.

Beach Coast Style said...

I agree Laura I wished I would have embraced the beach areas I have visited in the past more and I did not. So now I am on a mission to do just that! Can't wait to hear about the rodeo!

Taylor B. said...

It's great to take time out and explore. Not just nature and the world around you but yourself. So pretty these adventures!

Sam said...

It's so beautiful! I think a half hour ride through that gorgeous scenery would clear your head and lift your spirits immeasurably! Thanks for sharing!

Everything Coastal said...

Looks wonderful. Glad you are embracing - if you haven't already, make sure to go to the beach for sea glass. There is a ton of it, just park at the city parking lot (across from McDonalds) and enjoy that long stretch of beach, littered with all sizes and shapes. Don't forget to stop by and enter our giveaway this week!

MissBliss said...

Hi, Laura,

Gorgeous pictures! The scenery reminds me of Boulder, Colorado a bit.

Sheep at Work vs. Men at Work, lol :).

Enjoy and thanks for the fun post!

style odyssey said...

that B of yours is a keeper, but then you already knew that! :) a bike-friendly atmosphere says a lot about the lifestyle in general.

such gorgeous scenery. i long to do outdoor things but not in this heat!

the landscape in our area is completely flat with a great big texas sky! of course we have miles and miles of beach and a lovely bay, which makes me very happy.

Cindy Whitehead said...

Beautiful. Monteray is a gorgeous place - love that you are exploring and sharing pics w/us. I have found that places I used to travel for work are even more interesting because I get to share them w/people via FB, twitter and blog - weird huh? But it does make me find interesting things about anywhere I go! (-: