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Obon Festival in Seaside

 As a new transplant to Monterey, I am enjoying what seems to be a different festival each weekend.  And this past weekend the Monterey Peninsula Buddhist Temple hosted the Obon festival.  I had never heard of this celebration but apparently it is celebrated by all Buddhist temples in July to honor deceased ancestors.  It is a time for family and many people head home to spend quality time with loved ones. 
 Here in Seaside it was a celebration of culture, which included a beautiful array of colors. 

 Along with martial arts demonstrations there was some amazing food to be enjoyed.  It was tough to decide between, sushi, odon noodles, teriyaki, gyoza....you get what I am saying.

I had not been inside a Buddhist temple since I was in college so it was a nice opportunity to revisit and and learn about this yearly tradition.  Since this celebration is held every July, perhaps you can still enjoy it this summer.  Click here to see when your town holds the celebration.


jenna ♥ a little blue said...

love the photos!! so fun :) i have never been in a buddhist temple, but i am definitely adding it on my list of to-dos. it looks so pretty!

Beach Coast Style said...

love this Laura!! thanks for sharing I really enjoy different cultures there is just so much to view and enjoy when you step outside your box. All the creativity that goes into each item is always mind blowing to me.

Squeezed Daily said...

Hi! Beautiful images, so colorful. Want those little jars.

style odyssey said...

oh wow!! stunning. i want this to come to my city sooo bad, but i'd be quite surprised if it happened. i'm on the link to have a look...

Ms. Givens said...

Doggy discipline at my house usually just consist of "No Paxton, thats bad." in a stern voice. Laila tells on him. She comes and finds me when he is up to no good. I praise him allot when he is doing what he is supposed to like chewing on dog chews instead of my throw pillows. ;)
I once put Laila outside because she made me so mad ( they dont stay outside ) and then I went to do laundry and didnt hear that is was pouring down rain. She got all wet and scared and I felt like a bad momma.
I just kinda always think of them as toddlers and so when they do something I just chalk it up to them being toddlers. ;)

Desert Dreaming said...

Laura, this looks like you had such a fun day...you're right beautiful colors.

Thanks for stopping by, and of course I would be honored if you share my post with your readers, I love sharing, especially on issues that I feel others would really enjoy, and I'm telling you, if you love coconut as I do, you will love these products. I keep at least two of the Perricone moisturizers on hand at all time, as well as the Bumble and bumble conditioner. The fragrance is unreal, as I said, you feel as though you are in the tropics. So jealous about your cool weather, it's been pretty bad with our heat and humidity. I remember my last visit to LA was the first of July, I had a jacket on in the evening...loved it!!! I'll let you know if my enchiladas turn out half as beautiful as your pictures did.

Have a wonderful week!!!


MissBliss said...

what a lovely post... that mobile and the colors made my heart smile.

glad to share in your adventure--thank you for putting this up!

by the way, just noticed we are both Francophiles... great minds think alike!