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Casitas de San Juan Bautista...

 I've got a little bit of a western theme going on this week.  Yesterday I took a little trip to the little town of San Juan Bautista.  It was so adorable and looked like Mayberry or a set from Universal Studios.  I went down on a little excursion to the mission  ( next post!) but before that I took a little walk in their pueblito.
This adorable little casita sung to my heart.  I just loved the rustic look and again the kind of "westerny" look.  I thought I was back in Amarillo visiting B's family when I saw this sweet house.
 I like messy gardens, probably because I have one at home that is a little bit more than messy.  But it looks so full of life and quaint, right out of a Shabby Chic book.
 I showed you this casa yesterday on FB.   The Anza House which is a small one story California Adobe, is a national landmark for its type of architecture.  I gravitated towards the turquoise an rustic colors, I could even feel an outfit being inspired by this photograph, kind of beachy too, right?.  Since I have been doing a lesson on the Mexican Era of California, coming to San Juan Bautista was a perfect little trip.  There are many great old buildings here and this little adobe casita was typical of that time. 
California never ceases to amaze me and it is probably why I love it so much.  Always a little gem tucked in here and there.
Have you taken any midweek field trips recently?


Desert Dreaming said...

Laura, what a wonderful post, I just love each and every picture. Though this was taken in CA, there is something about it that reminds me of this little "old" humble little gas station many years ago, somewhere between Utah and Wendover, Nevada, out in the middle of nowhere. A place one would think of seeing on Route 66, all closed down, but it wasn't. It was so "western", and had little planters boxes with flowers in the windows. Though we were in a hurry, and I didn't have my camera with me, I can still see it so clearly in my mind, and have such fond memories, not only of that trip, but of that little gas station out in the middle of the desert. Your photos, brought that memory back in such a positive and happy way. As always, your post are just wonderful, and so glad you share them with us.


Ms. Givens said...

Sadly no trips. :(
I go to the Keys in August.
I am still walking. 40 minutes last night. A Rotweiler came after me but quickly changed his mind. Thank goodness.
Love the little house.

beachcomber said...

i love the mexican style building! california is a beautiful state.

Beach Coast Style said...

no I haven't taken any little trips it's just been so hot but that's not an excuse I need to get out more! Love that red door. I started to paint my front door red but my friend said it would drive me crazy.

Linda said...

Hi there - no midweek field trips - but thanks for posting/sharing yours!!!


Happy Weekend!

beachside cottage

Love of the Sea said...

Great Photos. Love the colors. I have not taken any road trips lately - but in mid August - I am going to take one to Sea Island, Georgia. I can not wait!! :)