I've mentioned before how this area is referred to as the "Salad Bowl"  for all the great farming that goes on not too far from the coast.  So as you can imagine, we are very lucky to be able to buy fresh veggies and fruits.  Or even to run in to these yummies on a little stroll.
 Just behind the Mission of San Juan Bautista you will find this view.  In fact I took these shots standing outside its teeny cemetery.
 These berries are right next to the dreaded San Andreas Fault that has been threatening CA ever since I can remember to produce "The Big One."  Luckily we have not had any shaking going on over here (fingers crossed!)
And this is the fault, my friends.  Not too scary when you look at it but indeed, it has a lot of potential to cause lots of damage.  
This weekend I am headed off to Gilroy for their Annual Garlic Festival.  It is one of those things you have to hit at least  once in your life and my time has come (yay!).  Check back this weekend for the Mission post. 

What are you doing this weekend?