If you are a regular reader you know I have a thing for wrist candy.  These are my current faves. 
If I don't have a few bracelets on my wrist, I feel naked. So I always have some wrist candy ready to wear.   I picked up the mustard colored one last fall at Planet Blue in Venice and the blue one I bought at the J.Crew in Carmel.  Lastly the yellow enamel bangle was a lucky find at the Goodwill ( .50 cents !)
It's hard to do guilt free shopping isn't it?  That is why I try to give DIYs a go as you recently saw here. I  am in love with the nugget wrapped style of bracelets.   Unfortunately these bracelets can run kinda high in the shops so either etsy comes to the rescue or you can make one yourself.  Stella and Dot has some more reasonably priced ones here and I found a great DIY tutorial here.  I only paid 20 bucks for mine but the real Chan Luu ones can run up in the hundreds : no es bueno.
What's your current fave accessory?