We recently ventured into Carmel Valley and visited the lovely Chateau Sinnet tasting room.  You might remember we fell in love with their Manatee Wine Merlot, so it was so nice to try some of their other wines.
As you can see, they have a very lovely establishment and the most hospitable host, Sunny.  He made our afternoon a joy and treated us like we were old friends coming for a visit.  Apart from the variety of wines, I really enjoyed this experience because it was not frou frou stuffy snobby at all.  It was California cool and casual, my kind of vibe.
Sunny was gracious enough to show us some surprises such as these two wines.  If you like sweet, these two are for you.  I liked the peach one myself for a dessert wine.
Carmel Valley is a lovely drive, and when you reach the little village area, there are many cute stops, and tasting rooms.  Chateau Sinnet is located on 13746 Center Street, Carmel Valley, CA -
Hope you enjoy your weekend, and discover something new in your town!