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Puffy Heart from Jeffrey Levin

 I recently participated in a Twitter Contest by jewelry designer Jeffrey Levin.  My task was to guess how many "Puffy Heart" necklaces were in this photograph.  I didn't hit it on the nose but I was the winner with a guess of 40 ( there are actually 65!).
I love how Twitter is such a connector and has allowed me to  "meet" so many interesting people like Jeffrey Levin.   Born in Cape Town, South Africa to parents of Egyptian-French and Lithuanian provenance, Jeffrey discovered jewelry early in life.  He now creates a hand carved collection mixing precious metals, silver, diamonds, leather and gems. 
 Needless to say I LOVE my necklace, it is very delicate and understated, simple, and classic.
What kind of necklaces do you like?


Seaside Style said...

Hey Girl, cool necklace, I wear a leather cord and change it out . I have so many beachy pendants, I change it frequently. I love silver!

Ms. Givens said...

Sweet deal.
I am not a huge necklace fan. I wear mostly the ones my sister makes for me.
I know what you mean about banks & houses right now. My poor sister qualified for a loan and the further they went the more they took away. They finally told her it was off because she filed for unemployment 2 months out of the previous year. She lives in Branson where everyone has to file unemployment in the winter. It's ridiculous. I gave my bank lady an ear full and then told her to forget it!

The Coastal View said...

You are just so darn lucky in "love" lately, aren't you?!?! I love the necklace - it's just adorable. And I'm so glad you posted the picture wearing it. It looks a lot bigger alone, but once you have it on, I see how delicate it is. Makes it so darn cute! BTW - speaking of love. I LOVE the picture of you two laughing. It's my favorite!

Cynthia@Beach Coast Style said...

ahhh I love this it's so simple and sweet I don't wear many necklaces but when I do mostly silver and very longs ones. I have a couple about that length. I love the picture with all the necklaces. Glad you won!

anita said...

very cute, simple necklace...i "love" it!

i am wishing for a necklace on softest thinest leather cord, with a piece of aquamarine.

Cindy Whitehead said...

Great necklace! Congrats on winning. I am starting another great give-a-way today - come on over - who knows maybe you will win this too! (-:

Bonnie said...

Looks great on you, Laura! Congrats again and thanks for playing. We're launching a beautiful reclaimed wood capsule collection very very soon. Anyone can join the FB fan page or mailing list to get the early scoop!