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Old Town Salinas

In one of our little excursions, B and I stumbled upon Old Town Salinas.   I felt like we had stepped back into the 40's.  The buildings are just beautiful. 
Salinas is the home to the National Steinbeck Center and host to many cultural and family friendly activities all year.  For example, they have an art walk the First Friday of every month.  For more info on events in Salinas click here
What "old town" is one of your favorites?


Loui♥ said...

Hi Laura..
you and b find some of the neatest places!! I am so glad you like sharing these discoveries..NICE!!
hard to choose just one old favorite..
perhaps my home town..
or maybe places like Eufala,Alabama where main street goes through the heart of Antebellum Victorians untouched by the Civil War,,
loving maintained..
beautiful gardens..
the South has exquisite towns that simply take your breath away!
I could ramble on..
but I must visit some other friends..
thanks again for the delightful Post!!
warmest sandy hugs..

Beach House Living said...

I haven't been to California in like a life time making your tours all the more enjoyable.

simpledaisy said...

One of these darn days...I am going to make it out to your neck of the woods!!!
I love old towns!! In a few weeks are going to Edisto Island, SC and are hoping to make it to Charleston!!!

Ms. Givens said...

My daughter would fit in there. She always seems to me like she belongs in the 40's.

anita said...

i like the way you composed the photos! looks very charming...

S said...

There is historic city of Roswell here in Georgia. Shops, art and restaurants. I've driven through it but haven't walked around yet. It seems there are a lot of quaint little towns all over the U.S. It's such a nice respite from the booming cities and all its trappings. Atlanta is growing with its mixed use communities. It's fun to visit them but they don't compare to the quaint little villages. By the way, I'm going to watch Bill Cunningham, New York tonight!

Cynthia@beach coast style said...

I just love old downtown areas. My daughter just had her prom at one of the old theaters here in Dallas and it was so neat the kids loved it.

classic • casual • home said...

Really pretty. Nice they are maintaining the architecture--we don't have enough of that in the US.