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Isle Style : Neutral Love

Source: C Magazine Summer 2010

For this installment of Isle Style I am sharing a pictorial that I fell in love with from C Magazine.  C Magazine is one of my absolute favorites because it truly embodies Chic California Living.  There is so much to love in this spread.  For starters, everybody need a lush pullover to wear at the beach n'est ce pas?  The creamy neutrals are divine.  She looks so elegant yet beachy.  And of course I have to come clean.... that dog, had me at hello! 
What is your fave look at the beach? 
Bohemian or Elegant Jetsetter?


me said...

Unfortunately as I am the whitest of white girls, when I go to the beach I look for shade. So perhaps this cozy pullover is exactly what I need. Who knew I could be chic?

Style Odyssey said...

love the photo, doggy, and the woman's attire. simple yet chic. she's wearing beach camouflage! (sand color).

i don't know what my favorite beach look is anymore...probably bit of both. in the BVI, it was usually casual island girl...some flirty and probaby faded sundress, big old hat and bikini. although i was known to go "resort jetsetter chic" whenever my travels took me to st. barth or st martin. hey, when in rome, right? ;)

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Great shot indeed!! Love the sweater!!! Have to check out that mag too.

anita said...

casual beach shop/boho ...soft comfy fabrics, soft bag and flips for me.

Sarah B. said...

I love the neutral colors!
My fave look at the beach is a bikini with a large shirt over when I've been out for too long because I burn very easily!

Ms. Givens said...

Any look that combines a tan, a black bikini and drinks being delivered to my beach chair.
This look will require allot of work on my part and I am way too lazy for that right now. :)

Sam said...

Gorgeous shot! Unfortunately, I'm a little too unorganised to arrange a "look" for the beach but I do like the idea of elegant jet setter!

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Love the photo!! I'm definitely digging the creamy neutral pullover. You'll find me in cargo capris about ten months of the year, slip on shoes or flip flops topped with layers (camisole, lightweight pullover & open weave sweater). It's all about laid back and comfy in my book.