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Fresh Fridays : Guacamole!

 Are you ready for a little snack?  I am always ready for avocado anything and luckily here in Cali, they are plentiful, pricey but still plentiful.  As much as I would like to take credit for this delish dish, B whipped this up for us to snack on during the Super Bowl.  I actually do make a pretty good guac, but if my B wants to create, who am I to stop him?
 los ingredientes :

  • avocados/ aguacates
  • tomatos/ tomates
  • cilantro/cilantro
  • chopped onion/ cebolla picada
  • jalapeño/ jalapeño
  • jugo de limon o lima/ lemon or lime juice
  • salt to taste / sal a su propio gusto
  • pepper to taste/ pimienta a su propio gusto
Everything has to be fresh, it is FRESH FRIDAYS after all!

las instrucciones:
  • As you can probably imagine, chop everything and mix it all together.  Then put in a cute bowl!
  • If you leave the pit in your guacamole it prevents it from getting brown and icky.
Don't forget to stop by Simpledaisy who always has something fantastic lined up!

Now kick off your shoes, have a seat and enjoy your weekend!


J Moss said...

This looks AMAZING! I will def be referring to this when I make it next time!!!

Ms. Givens said...

Yum! We went to El Tequila last night.
I never know when an avocado is good?

Eliza said...

Sorry i haven't commented in a while! life has been a little hectic! But that Guacamole looks AMAZING!!! Might have to do that this weekend with the hubby!!
enjoy your weekend!

Style Odyssey said...

i absolutely love guacamole. i will have to try B's recipe next time, as i like the chunky look of it. yum!

Shorely Chic said...

I Loooove guac! Your's looks delish!

Sarah B. said...

YUMMMM!!! I love guacamole! :)

Love of the Sea said...

Oh my gosh - that looks so tasty!! I am going to save this recipe and try it out next week. Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

A meal made in heaven!!!

Lauren said...

Very good!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Fresh Friday's - what a great idea. Your guacamole sounds perfect and I really love your fish platter for the chips.

Happy Valentine's day.

maría cecilia said...

Hola Laura, al igual que tú, amo el guacamole!!! En Chile es casi como comida nacional y se prepara todo el tiempo y por suerte nuestras paltas (avocado) se dan maravillosamente bien y no son caras.
te envío un abrazo cariñoso

becky said...

mMMMM, THANKS for the recipe! I tend to eat my avocados right out of the skin but this looks good enough to try.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I love, love guacamole..., especially with nachos. I used guacamole once for a grilled cheese sandwich..., sooooo delicious.

drollgirl said...


wish this was sitting in front of me RIGHT NOW, along w/cerveza and/or margaritas!

Cindy Whitehead said...

This looks awesome - Don't think I won't drop by sometime and want to have this w/you in person! (-: