It's the weekend again, and many of us are in search for the perfect wave.  A metaphoric wave or a real one, right?  And since some of you are under a couple of feet of snow, landlocked or just too far from the sea, the best alternative is a movie.   "Endless Summer" (1966) had been one of those movies I knew I should see but never got to it.  Last night, thanks to Netflix and my beloved ipad, I selected this classic film. No surprise, that I fell in love with it and just enjoyed seeing wave after wave.  What I loved most about it was being able to escape.  Movies are such wonderful vehicles for travel.  The concept behind "Endless Summer" was that with LOTS of dinero it was possible for one to follow the summer around the world.  Wouldn't that be nice?  Director Bruce Brown did just that when he embarked on this film.  This movie also introduced the surf and travel concept, the idea of meeting new people and seeing new places all in the name of surfing.  
What is your favorite surf/beach movie?