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The Pike at Long Beach

 As I mentioned in my last post, Long Beach is a bit more of an industrial town.  There is a large oil industry and it is one of the world's largest shipping ports.  But back in the day (1902) there was a huge amusement zone here called "The Pike" but it went through a few name changes and a final demolition in 1979.
Today, there is a new development called "The Pike at Rainbow Harbor."  It is across from the LB convention center and consists of a few restaurants, a Borders, a cineplex and a few more shops.  It is not as thriving as the original Pike but there is hope that its popularity will rise.  I think Long Beach is a really up and coming area, clearly things are tough right now economically in many US cities, but it does seem like a lot has been invested to beautify and bring more tourism and revenue to LB.   The amusement park that existed yesteryear is gone but they do have a new solar powered ferris wheel in the heart of the new "Pike" as well as an antique Spillman carrousel.
Although some say the appeal of this new Pike lacks the proximity to the water, it really is not that far away.  Seriously, it's right across the street. 

I have high hopes for this area.  Many folks and businesses are still struggling everywhere but there is no denying that there is always a market for beachy fun.  Even in a tough market, walks by the beach are still free! 
What fun a free activities do you like to enjoy?


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Love me a walk onthe beach...ours is usually empty save for a few fisherman, and the rising sun!

Lovely images, Laura!

RottenMom said...

Living on the edge of Lake Erie is really very cool. I could stay all day and collect stones. Loved this post.

Karen said...

I agree with you, Laura - beachy fun is always "affordable" and it's exactly what I do - take walks on the beach in winter with my dog or seashell and stone collecting in the evenings in summer - great way to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty - and it's free. (well, after 5pm during summer months.)

Style Odyssey said...

i do believe there will always be a market for certain things, such as beach activities.
your photos are really nice! what beautiful light...
a walk on the beach or a woodland hike: my preferred fun free activity. :)

Michele Fraichard said...

funny, i thought the same thing about the up and coming aspect of LB when I moved here 8 years ago, tho' it never seems to come to. oddly, it does host lots of music festivals and the grand prix every May. i do enjoy that it never seems to get too busy and love looking at the queen mary and pike. gotta ride that ferris wheel one day..

Sarah B. said...

My favorite thing about living near the beach was always having something free to do!!!

Ms. Givens said...

Great pictures!

Its gonna snow here tonight.

Cindy Whitehead said...

I used to love the Pike as it was so seedy - my dad hated taking me there! We have a little craftsman house in LB that is super cute - the area was changing (upward) so fast at one point but now its stalled - hopefully they will revive it again as LB is on of the last remaining "affordable' "beach towns" around. I will check out the new Pike next time I am down there - thanks for the reminder!

simpledaisy said...

Your photos are completely amazing!! The bright blue sky is just beautiful!!
Have a fantastic weekend:)

Carmi said...

So nice to see enough people who still believe in this kind of thing - and who are willing to invest in creative initiatives that attract attention and business.

I so hear you, Laura: There is nothing as energizing for the soul as a lovely walk beside the water. I'd do it every day if I could. Maybe...

Sent you an e-mail that hopefully answers your questions re. media. Hope it helps. LMK if you didn't get it.