This was the most glorious January weekend! We decided to head to Long Beach and it was 87 degrees.  Can you believe it? In January??!!  I had to tear off my nautical striped long tee and enjoy the sun.  Although I do live in Southern California, I still am eternally grateful for spectacular days like this one.
 You might recall B and I came out to Long Beach once before and fell in love with the architecture, so we decided to explore the beach a bit more.  The coastline is a little bit more industrial and not as dazzling as Laguna or La Jolla but for me, ANY day at ANY beach is phenomenal. 
 Of course you can't come to Long Beach without getting a glimpse of the Queen Mary.  It is definitely very majestic.
Long Beach is a very cool place.  I definitely would not mind living here one bit.  It is not often that you find a town that is truly diverse in its population and that is what makes this town so appealing to me.