Happy New Year to you!  I am back in the sealaura office planning and dreaming of all the places to take you this year.  On New Year's Day B and I headed to the desert.  Have you noticed how I just can't get enough of this place?  After a fabulous massage in Palm Springs we headed to Rancho Mirage and decided to try Babe's Bar-B-Que, Grill and Brewhouse
 Rancho Mirage is a small resort town right down the road from Palm Springs. We were here for a little post-holiday rehabilitation because soon it will be back to work and that weekday treadmill of life.
 But before then, we had one of the most fabulous meals I have ever had (seriously!).  I am not a big meat eater, and have recently been on the BBQ train since my Alaskan born, Texas raised boyfriend is a fan to say the least.  I do have to credit him to also for introducing me to sweet potatoes, remember the Sweet Potato Pear pie we had for Thanksgiving?  Well we shared the BIG  BAR-B-QUE COMBO and let me tell you it was plenty!!  I could have gone swimming in that walnut (and honey butter shhh!) stuffed yam.  It was amazing, the kind of dish you want to savor slowly because it is sooo good.  I really liked the menu at Babe's because it was simple and no fuss, just a few dishes and some fab cocktails. 
 Speaking of cocktails,  I had the spicy mango margarita and B had the beer sampler.   This was hands down one of the best margaritas I've ever had.  And I have had many, you know, I do it for you dahlings, so you know where to vacation ...
Oh and in case you were wondering, it does get quite chilly in the desert this time of year. Once that sun starts to set, you better have yourself a jacket and gloves or else you are in trouble.   I hope you consider making a trip out to the desert when you visit SoCal because there is truly so much to see and do out here. 
Where do you like to go, for a little rehab?