As 2010 closes out, how about one more adventure with our canine travel team?  My boys Norman and Newman had an outing to Red Rock, Nevada.  They met this lovely couple while out exploring the desert.  So adorable, aren't they?  They reminded me of the many sweet donkeys you can run into while driving on St. John USVI and of the beautiful donkeys B's dad has on his property Indian Hill Farm in Norman, Oklahoma.
 Their cousin Mia was their guide and took care of the vanilla wafers while in Vegas.  They could not stay at our hotel but luckily, our family was able to host them and take them on a few surprise adventures.
 I hope these images give you a different perspective about Nevada because I find it to be so incredibly beautiful.  I love the desert and all the beautiful colors that are plentiful in this terrain. 

Wishing you a fabulous 2011 filled with many adventures, peace and happiness.